We are currently building a new Novell Zenworks Configuration Management 11.1 environment for our upcoming Windows 7 deployment.

We are using Windows PE to install a bare metal machine. That is using ZenworksToDo as default and a deployment will start to apply our Windows 7 Wim file.

Our wim file has 3 partitions:
• 100 Mb for BitLocker
• 50 Gb for Windows
• 10 Gb for Data

Normally ZenworksToDo automatically formates the disk and applies the wim image.

But now we also want to build a refresh scenario that only wipes the first two partitions and not the Data disk. Anyone that has a good solution?

We want to use a wim file.
Modify a WinPE and remove ZenworksToDo and replace with imagex?
Can we use USMT hard links in some kind of a bundle?