Quick question...

Does the DLU Volatile Timer for a local user profile reset each time a user logs in via the Novell Client?

For example...

DLU Policy

Checked Use the credential specified below (Always volatile)
User Name* testuser
Full Name testuser
Checked Use user source password
Checked Manage existing user account (if any)
Checked Volatile user
Checked Enable Volatile User cache
Cache Volatile User for time period (Days) 5


User jdoe logs in on Monday, testuser is created and DLU Volatile Timer is set to 5 days and starts counting down
User jsmith logs in on Thursday, testuser is present with a Volatile Timer of 2 days

Does the Volatile Timer reset back to 5 days for testuser, or does it simply continue to count down from when the first user logged in?

This has implications for me as I have a need in some cases to keep user profiles indefinitely with the same local account, which must always be volatile (setting 999 days). I am concerned because 999 days=2.73 years, and depending on the behavior I may end up with a ticking time bomb that would detonate 2.73 years from account creation