Is there a good novell supported way of reinstalling the mirage driver? For the longest time we have disbaled the optimization driver because of issues with Windows 7 aero. We have now upgraded all of our servers and clients so we want to enable the optimization driver. However we are finding that our computers do not have the mirage mirror driver installed. As for now we do not know the reason it is missing, one tech is thinking that it may have been sysprep that removed it. Not sure. Anyways we need to reinstall the driver. I have tried adding it via adding legacy hardware in device manager, but the demoforge driver is not there. The only way I can find to reinstall the driver right now is by downloading it from demoforge themselves and running their install package. That seems to work, however I am concerned there may be some unknown consequences from not using a novell supported source. Any ideas? We also need to be able to push this out via zcm if possible.