I have a couple of bundles that I push to my user's desktops for URL shortcuts to help desk and Intranet so that the users can't keep deleting them. I've been using the same bundles since I developed them for XP systems, but I'm running into an odd problem with Win7 Pro systems. Without any commonality that I can find so far, I can't get the bundles to appear on some of the desktops as the system primary user. I can sign in as other users, they appear, and they show up under the Zen application window. Also, one of the launchers are set to force launch on startup to see our daily update news page, this still triggers successfully on every startup.

I've noticed this issue mostly since upgrading from plain 11.0 to 11.1a agents. On some systems after I upgraded the Novell client from SP1 IR# to SP2 they started to work again, but the results don't carry over from system to system. The only requirement that I have on the bundles are that "Location = on my network" so that laptops don't get the icons when they are off site.

What can I check to figure out why my icons aren't appearing on desktops? Thanks!