I am having trouble getting a lab of Dell Optiplex 790s to pull an image down correctly. It hangs on "Changing the SID of the System", then gives a "Segmentation Fault". Once the machine is restarted, it wont boot and a repair CD will not find the Windows installation so it cannot repair it. We have ZCM 11.0, I have tried using the June and September updates of the imaging CDs, also using PXE boot with no luck. I had an image that worked fine during the summer, but that will not work either. This happens with a multi-cast (master was not imaged in recent past) or pulling down an image from the server. These machines have Win 7 SP1 64-bit installed on them. We are able to image other Win 7 machines fine, just this particular model is not working for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated!