I updated our primary sever to ZCM 11.a. Afterwards I setup a schedule to push the 11.1a client out to the workstations. Everything seemed to go pretty well to that point. However, now I am getting a lot of errors about the DAU not completing. I've watched several workstations and it gets to step 6 of 6 and then fails. On ZCC, it shows the error as "Analyze failed to launch.{}". This seems to be happening on all workstations now. I tried following the directions on TID 7009187, but nothing changed. If I uninstall, unregister and reinstall the client, it still fails and won't list the patches for the device at all on ZCC. The devices that ran DAU before upgrading to 11.a show the patches for the last scan before they were updated to the 11.1a client. Now they fail the DAU and won't show any new patches.

When I try to deploy a patch, I get an error. Here's an example of the error...
"C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks/zpm/Remediate.exe "MS12-006 Security Update for Windows XP (KB2585542).pls" "6497A0D7-0B72-489B-A1B1-232DA483C5AA.plp" d". Windows error: The system cannot find the file specified
This shows up for all patches I try to deploy. I looked on the computer and the pls file is located in the %zenworks_home%\zpm folder but still says that the file can't be found which produces the above error.