It seems that our Zenworks 11 inventory does not discover some software products that are installed on workstations. Inventory scans are happening and data is being uploaded to the server, but some products just do not show up.

As a specific example, I have created a bundle to install Adobe Flash Player ActiveX version 11. The bundle has successfully run on hundreds of workstations. I created a specific inventory report to list versions of Flash Player on each workstation. I have run this report once a day for past several days. Every day I see that the number of workstations with Flash Player 10 has decreased, but no workstations with Flash Player 11 show up in the report. When I look at inventory data of some specific workstation where flash player 11 is installed, I don't see Flash Player ActiveX in inventory. The last scan date shows that the data is freshly updated.

Another example is LibreOffice. I'm sure we have dozens of workstations with LibreOffice 3.4 installed, but LibreOffice does not show up at all in inventory.

The latest PRU that I have installed is January 2012. I admit I did miss several PRUs before that. Are the PRUs incremental, I mean does the Jan 2012 PRU also include the products that were in Dec 2011 PRU and before that, or are all PRUs required to recognize all the products? If the latter, how can I apply the older PRUs that I missed? It seems that downloading the latest PRU overrides all previous ones so they no longer appear under System Updates and cannot be applied.