I'm trying to do something very simple but I can't get it to work.
I have installed the zcm11 partition on a pc and now I'm trying to install windows xp onto that machine, so that later I can make an image out of it.
I boot to the Winodws Xp pro CD
I get the Prompt " Press any key to boot from CD" I do so then I see it go to
the next screen That say's " Setup is inspecting your Hardware configuration"
After that point the screen is Blank but the computer is still on....

I've then to majke the image without having the zcm11 partition, but that doesn't work.
After I made the image and installed the zcm11 partition, I try to load the image again.
But that fails with an error code 32. I then can try to put the image back again, but the zcm11 partition gets wiped at the moment.

Any help will be very appreciated.