This has been on ongoing issue even before NetIQ bought Novell.
Why is it so hard to setup a forum site that doesn't crash and misbehave constantly??

It is a regular occurrence when redirecting from google to a novell site, that I get redirected to the main support page. Not the Thread or TID I was looking for! I have to keep the failed page up, and click on the google link again to get there!

Why is it a 50/50 chance every time I come to this site that I can't login? I have to purposely go to the customer center site, login in and come back to this forum??

Why is it also a 50/50 chance that when I do login, I will not be able to find the "My Profile/Setting/Subscriptions" links on the top of the page?

How am I suppose to promote Novell in am increasingly difficult environment when I can reliable get support from this website?

If I was responsible for this website, I would expect that I would have been fired long ago!