The iFolder 3.9 doc describes new installs and refers to the OES 11: Migration Tool Administration Guide for upgrade/migration info.
The exact text there is: "You can migrate Novell iFolder 3.2 and iFolder 2.x to Novell iFolder 3.9 or later versions."

Does this mean you cannot migrate from iFolder 3.8 ? or does it mean that v3.8 and v3.9 are similar and upgrade does not apply ?

Now what are the options when you are at oes2 (on fully patched 64 bit sles10) iFolder 3.8 and want to move to iFolder 3.9 on OES11 ?

My #1 idea is to do a fresh install of an OES11 incl iFolder 3.9 (storage on ext3). Then I would like to migrate my 300 user / 500GB iFolder system from my current oes2 iFolder 3.8 (storage on NSS/EVMS) - but I would really like to know if this path is supported ?

OR #2 could I add the new 3.9 iFolder server as a slave to the current v3.8 server, move all the users (incl data) to the new server, and the shutdown the old one ?

OR #3 could I do an inplace upgrade as suggested for the upgrade from v3.2 iFolder ? - but what about my conversion from NSS/EVMS to raw ext3 that I also want to perform ?

If I somehow missed the doc for this type of scenario, please enlighten me :)