I've searched the forums and Googled my brain numb but cannot find any answers to my problem.

What's happening is, when I have Groupwise 8 and Groupwise Messenger running at the same time, in GW8 if I try to open an e-mail, or if I start a new e-mail and begin typing in a TO address, I'll be flipped over to GW Messenger and GW8 will be hung up for about 30 seconds before I can proceed with reading the e-mail or creating the new one.

My Groupwise version 8.0.2 but I did have this problem on GW7 as well.

My GW Messenger version is 2.0.4.

I am on Windows 7.

Now, it does seem as though it happens more frequently when the addresses are internal but it's not consistent.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.