I'm getting more and more complaints that our groupwise system in not compatible with Exchange and Lotus Notes calendar functions. We work with many external customers that need this interoperability. yes, the basic appt function works fine, but any changes to the original appt doesn't and causes much confusion when appoint times are changed, etc. Not only is this a major problem with our customers/clients, but we recently merged with another company that uses Exchange which is causing even more problems re-scheduling internal meetings. I've been reseaching solutions/problems on the forum, but there doesn't seem to be any, plus it takes a lot of time to find a total solution if there is any. Does anyone know if or where there is a list of current incompatibilities between Groupwise and other popular email systems (Notes and Exchange) and/or solutions with calendars. Groupwise is a good email system, been using it for years, but the calendar issues will be/is something that will force a change to a new platform.. companies are becoming more and more dependent on using the calendar functions...and companies are not islands, we need to communicate externally seemlessly. Added to this issue is the problems associated with smartphones/calendaring and some basic email functions. We are spending so many additional hours trying to put in workaounds, etc. ..that really aren't good solutions. Any help/advice would be appreciated.