We have had iFolder 3.8.0 running as a single server for about two years. We have added a significant number of users to the domain and need to add a slave server to handle capacity. I am walking through some of the documentation and I have a few questions about simias-server-setup on the new slave server:

1. The server data path is where the server configs and user data will be stored. If I point this to the same location as the master server am I overwriting the master server's config? If I point this at some other location, haven't I just created a second data store? For example, my master server used a NAS share /ifolder/data/simias as its path. Where should I point the slave server?

2. The public and private URLs should be the slave's or the master's?

3. How do you remove slave servers from the configuration? I have run the simias-server-setup script with errors and have some invalid entries in the Servers list on the Admin page. How can I get rid of these?

I have read through the documentation and to be quite honest, it is pretty vague about slave servers. Thanks for any help you can provide.