I really screwed up.

I had a problem where I received an error on the groupwise agent Gwcheck which gave me an 8203 on the NGWGUARD.DB file. The standalone GWCHK32 gave me an 8201. Looking at another system, I saw that my NGWGUARD.FBK had not been updated for a very long time and the other system had a NGWGUARD DB and FBK file with the same date and time. I tried to correct this by copying the NGWGUARD.DB file over the NGWGUARD.FBK. Big mistake. When I started the PO up, I got error C022 (I think) for several users. I put the old NGWGUARD.FBK file back and brought the PO up again. This time anyone who received messages during that time is getting a ‘SECURITY BREACH’ error when attempting to log in from the groupwise client or webaccess. I followed the TID that said to put ‘VERIFYMODE’ in the MISC tab of the standalone GWCHECK. I did this for 1 user. This restored that user’s mailbox correctly. However, the items which had been replied to and were stored in the folders are missing. Additionally, all of the sent mail headers appear correctly, but the message text is missing and all of the attachments are missing.

Now I am able to access the other mailboxes by proxying to them. The all look good. The sent mail text and attachments are present. I’m not sure about the messages in the folder. I suspect they are also good. I am hesitant to run the standalone with the ‘VERIFYMODE’ against these users because I will lose the contents of the folders and the sent mail text. I need to resolve 3 users, the 1st user has the mailbox restored, but is missing the messages in the folders and the text of the sent mail. The other 2 have good mailboxes when I proxy to them. But they cannot be logged to. They get the D115 error, ‘Security Breach’.

How can I get out of this mess? I do have a Groupwise backup from Friday. I have gw8.02 with sp2 installed and am running on Netware 6.5, fully patched. Any help is greatly appreciated.