I've got a client, quite small but very email heavy, that utilizes GroupWise and they're running 6.5. It's beyond time to upgrade and they've finally committed to spending the money. It was a shock to me when they decided to stick with GroupWise and give 2012 a try rather than migrating to Exchange or, even more compelling, Google.

I was excited to be "back home" working heavily with GroupWise again. I setup a very powerful server, VMWare ESXi 5 with 12 cores 32GB RAM 15K RPM SAS disks, for testing and migration. It's fast! ****ed fast! I installed SLES and migrated the existing GroupWise system(single post office) to the new server for testing.

I've got a post office with one mailbox of nearly half a million records. Total disk space for this mailbox is over 100GB. Searches and indexing is still a MAJOR problem on 2012, the same or worse than it was on 6.5. Indexes are fragile and when they are out of date or broken, searches are nearly impossible. A single user doing a full text search will put the POA CPU utilization very high. Disks too, but they keep up. Index updates take an age. Delete and reindex the entire PO takes a day or more. QF Index update defaults(24 hrs.) are completely inadequate. qf-999 is still not a default so index updates are incomplete by default. The same problems experienced with 6.5 remain with 2012.

So, my question is; what am I doing wrong? Does everyone else put up with this or is there a solution? It seems to me that this thing should be able to handle one big mailbox, Exchange and Goggle do.