I just performed the upgrade of my single server GW 8 installation. After a lot of careful reading to make sure I had covered all of my bases, it appears to have gone fairly smoothly. Everything appears to be accessible but I did run into one major problem - when we went to run a backup using our Syncsort Backup Express, which had been working fine on GW 8, it couldn't do so.

At this point, I started walking through the documentation again on setting up the TSAs. I made sure that tsafs was loaded with --EnableGW and that the conf file was still set to load that automatically. Then did an smsconfig -t and found that while --EnableGW was on the home locations, namely --home /path/domain and --home /path/postoffice were not.

Then I manually ran the command for tsafsgw to add them and was told of the missing libtsafsgw.so. I checked and the symbolic links were there but sure enough the actually library libtsafsgw.so.1 was not. I searched the system and found it nowhere, went to the original GW2012 archive and it didn't seem to be in their either. I finally had to get a copy of the old out out of the GW 8 installation folder. Upon placing the old version from GW 8, into the proper agents library location we were able to load the tsafsgw with the home settings and perform what appears to be a successful backup.

Did anyone else have this problem, I didn't find anything in the GW 2012 manuals using search about backup using SMS and the TSAs. My searches all lead to old information about setting up libtsafsgw.so and all the proper settings were already in place but the libtsafsgw.so.1 file was missing.

Anyone have any more details on this, I'm worried about using the old file and wanted to make sure I didn't miss a new way to set it all up. Thanks for the help.