I am planning to install Kanaka to our production system and during my test, I found it need to extend schema. I wounder if adding Kanaka server to our system will corrupt my current settings.

My current configuration likes this:
2 - Netware 6.5sp8 file server, cluster enabled, supporting AFP, NFS, and NWFS.
2 - OES2sp3 (lastest), cluster enabled, supporting AFP, NFS, and NWFS.

All users with UNIX Profile enabled with their uid, extened with apple schema for apple-user-homeDirectory attribute. They need to access files by above protocols.
Currently, we have OSX 10.6, authenticated by LDAP from eDirectory.

My concern is will installing Kanaka server will corrupt my current settings, so user may not able to use LDAP to login our MacOSX, or worse, cannot access they files by NFS....