Our users are starting to see the benefit of the panel view used in the home tab in their client.
So we are starting to create, in an ad-hoc way, dedicated 'panel view' folders in user's mailboxes to apply the custom views our users want.
We can create the views and then e-mail them to the relevant users but have to ask them to create a folder in their cabinet to apply the view too.

obviously the range of skills in our user base means this can be simple or problematic depending on whether the person in question is technically capable
or is the sort to say out loud "bye bye Mr Bouncing Ball..." when word closes... )

as we are admins and want order rather than user generated chaos is it possible to populate staff mailboxes with a selection of admin/support folders in their
cabinet on which these custom views can be applied? or is there a way of customising the folder list to add an additional 'admin cabinet'
(to replace the 'documents' folder we have never used) which we can manage for them?

Wasn't sure if this should have been in the client forum instead, but this one had admin & setup in the title so thought here'll do...