We have been working on new Windows 7 images this year and all has been
going fine with the laptops we have done. I have just started on
creating an image for one of our desktop units and when I bring the image
down to a computer, the Marvel ethernet controller doesn't get detected
completely. Instead of showing up in the "Network adapters" section of
the "Deveice Manager" it shows up in "Other devices" as "Ethernet
adapter". I can then right-click on the adapter and select the option to
"Update drive" and "Search automatically" and have Windows successfully
install the correct drivers.

I have verified that the model information between the original image
base desktop and the new destop is identical. Also, since the network
card doesn't work until the driver is updated, I know that the driver
must be local to the PC.

So, why isn't this network adapter getting detected properly?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL