48 hours on, I'm still waiting for a single post office re-index to complete. I'm running a single Linux POA and a DVA on the same virtual machine. The system does not seem to be resource bound, with ample available CPU. Memory and disk I/O available in the VM.

I am seeing the following error on the POA by the tens of thousands:
12:10:44 EF34  TCP/IP read timeout [8912] (/gwsystem/gwpo/oftemp/gwdca/in/4f2ac2a9.tmp) (see GWDCA log)
Far less frequently, I am also seeing this:
12:10:44 EF34   [01F4] (/gwsystem/gwpo/oftemp/gwdca/in/4f2ac2a7.tmp) (see GWDCA log)
There are no errors in the GWDCA log. There are also no events with corresponding time stamps. There are also no indications at all in the DVA logs. Does anyone have any insight with regard to these errors? Are they meaningful or just cosmetic?