We had a new problem start in mid-December that I cannot resolve.

A user has been running GW 8.02 on a Win. 7 laptop for several months. Suddenly, without any known changes to the computer or server, she is unable to send an email with an attachment. Small attachments sometimes go though, but any larger than around 200kb never make it. Sometimes, attachments as small as 1k fail.

When the user tries to send, it looks like it is sending for maybe 30 seconds, then it comes back with an error D039 "an unexpected error has occurred." I have been able to recreate the error on multiple Win. 7 computers (Win XP workstations at the same location have no problem) and on multiple user accounts.

The user is working in a remote office and connecting to the GW server over relatively slow a DSL connection. If we log in as the user from the main office or from a different satellite with a faster connection, the problem vanishes.

From what I have read so far, the error indicates that GW cannot find the attachment. Since the problem only occurs with larger attachments sent from a distance, I have to assume the issue is that somehow Win 7 is killing the attachment file before GW has a chance to complete the send.

The only references I have found to the error involve using GW in remote mode, which is not the case here. We are in online mode.

Any ideas on a fix?