has someone be successful in upgrading oes servers with zcm11.1 linux package management

I tried to implement the process in the zcm11 docu (appendix) and all seems to go without errors after i installed yast2-firstboot additionally. But every try i made some rpm updates are left out.

We need to implent2 different upgrade paths:

1.) oes2sp2 (sles10sp3) to oes2sp3 (sles10sp4)
and all out test (without errors) did not update all rpms (neither sles nor oes) to the next level.
(check with oes-SPident)

2.) oes2sp2 to oes2sp3 (both sles10sp3) upgrade did also go without errors but still not all oes2sp2 rpms are on the sp3 level.