Hi all: Having some more policy issues. We run ZCM 11.1a off of OES2 boxes the manage Windows XP sp3 clients.

This time I am seeing policies not being applied to workstations. Here is the situation. I have created a Windows Configuration Policy to push out some Windows Group Policies to our Windows XP clients. In particular, the policy pushes out "Computer Configuration" policies including turning off the windows firewall. This was working well until yesterday, when I logged in and found the firewall running. I went into ZCC and just made a simple change, not to the firewall settings, but something else, so I could publish a new version. Once published, the new version of the same policy was pushed down to the workstation and, like magic, the firewall was disabled like it was before.

So campers. my questions are:

1. Why would the Policy just stop working, or more specifically, why would ZCM stop applying the policy?
2. What can be done to prevent this in the future?

Thanks for the help, Chris.