I created a patch deployment project to rollout the following patch to ~80pcs Win7SP1 workstations.

Sun Java JRE 1.6.0_30 for Windows (FullUpgrade) (All Languages)

About 5 workstations found only "Partial Complete" and reported the installation error "Failed to launch C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks/zpm/Remediate.exe. Exit code: 144" and the JRE on these workstations were not functioning.

Is there any way to force the these workstation to re-run the patch installation as similar to "verify bundle" ?? It also not successful by creating another deployment project to rollout the same patch to those failed workstation. How to trace these kind of issue.

Similar problems were also found in other patch deployment. It will be a big issue when I have to rollout ZENworks to ~1000 workstations.

My ZCM servers and workstation have the following patches installed :
ZCM 11.1a
ZCM 11.1 - Patch Management Agent Update 2
ZCM/ZPM 11.1 Patch Management server update 1