I have one user who logs into one machine and tries sending an email to a group or individual on the internet and the message shows up as pending in sent items, and never sends. I then had the same user login to another workstation and had them send a message from the 2nd workstation and the problem seems to be resolved. But the first message still shows up as pending even on the second workstation. I also tried a different account on the same trouble workstation and the same problem shows up. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled GW Win Client on the problem PC, ran GWCHECK on possible trouble user(s) accounts, and have done a workstation (GWCHECK for archive [CTRL-SHIFT FILE | Open archive...]) Also had user recreate the groups from scratch that they were having problems with. This only appears to be affecting outbound email to the internet, and only on one PC.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this.

Currently running GW 802 HP3 on mail server, and 802 client on the problem PC.