Good Afternoon,

I am currently running ZCM 11.1 and trying to configure Local Group Policy for Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. When I create a small policy object (that contains 3-5 local group policies), I can edit it again and again to see what I have set or to add other policies into it. However, when I create a more complex policy object (that contains 50 or more local group policies), the policy object gets created OK, but I cannot edit it again. When I click on the "Configure..." button, the Group Policy Helper tool opens up, says that it is selecting the policy for download, skips right to the local policies are being imported, and gives me the dialog box that tells me that they have been imported. When I click OK, the box dialog box goes away and I am left with the option to either Upload or Cancel, without Local Group Policy opening so that I may edit my policies.

I have tried reinstalling the Group Policy Helper tool, tried it on a managed system and a clean, fresh install system but nothing seems to matter. Is this a limitation on the Group Policy Helper tool or is there some way that I can get the helper tool to work so that I can create my policy objects?

Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.