Hi There!

We have a client who amoung 20 employees uses around 250GB of Disk Space for

Whilst we aren't having any significant issues presently around GW, each of
the mailboxes for the heavy users is around 20-30GB. They have asked us to
show them what is taking the most space, and get their levels down a litte.
Say 4GB a Mailbox.

Is it possible to run a report that shows me the 5000 largest messages in
the system across either mailbox or Post Office.

I can do this with a find * from the client and sort by size, but it doesn't
really show me if deleting said message will actually bring down the size,
as if someone else has it too, then it just removes the pointer.

Also is there something required once a customer removes say 5000 messages
from their mailboxes, to tell GW to release the space etc?