GW 8 SP3, client on Win7--mailbox Item totals and displays do not match when
account is viewed directly and via proxy (only 1 user I know of at this
point). Caching is not turned on for either user. When account is opened
with the user credentials, GW client reports 904 items in the mailbox. When
viewed by another user via proxy, mailbox reports 1785 items. There were
many "unable to archive" errors on this account in the weekend scheduled
maintenance. This morning, the user manually archived about 2-3 months
worth of the oldest emails without error and these items do indeed appear in
the archive-although some items have archived twice which is also strange.
However, they also still exist in the mailbox when accessed via proxy and
these items can be opened without error from there. User is mapped to his
archive directory that exists are on a SAN and the user does have rights to
that directory. The difference in the totals is the number of items
archived by the user this morning.
What I have tried--
--I have tried proxy and direct access from a WIN XP computer--same result,
so it is not workstation dependent. Win7 is using Novell Client 2 SP2 for
Windows 7 (IR1), WinXP is using Novell client 4.91SP5.
--I ran GW check analyze and fix on structure and contents on both this
users account and his archive. On the archive, lots of Code 50 (orphaned
blob files) and Code 93 (unused blob files).
I am pretty close to just starting a new archive for this user and see if
the problem persists. But any other ideas would be appreciated.