I have a 6 node OES 2 sp3 cluster. Primary dom, 2nd dom, and 1 po are GW
2012 (2 out of the 6 nodes), the rest are GW 8.0.2hp3. I have resources
for: Primary dom, 2nd dom, 5 POs (each separate), GWIA/dom, and WA/DOM,
plus some NSS volumes and so on. The cluster is solid and I rarely have any
problems. I don't have any DVAs but now need one for WebAcccess 2012.

It looks like I need to add a DVA to each post office, and perhaps WA as

How can I safely do that w/o messing up my current configuration? If I
select "configure agents" on one of my GW 2012 nodes, what files will that
write or overwrite? Would it be easier just to manually configure a DVA?

What files do I need to edit to manually configure a DVA attached to each

The .poa startup file needs:
anything else?

I copied the gwdva.dva startup file to
/media/nss/PO4/groupwise/agents/share/ and configured:
/home /media/nss/PO4/grpwise/gwdva
/ip (the same IP as the PO)
/httpuser [user]
/httppassword [password]
/log /media/nss/PO4/groupwise/agents/log/
anything else?

What lines do I need in my cluster load and unload scripts to use the DVA?

What lines do I need, if any, in the gwha.conf file?

Is my plan to get a DVA working with each PO so it will fail over with the
POs and then point WA to use those 5 DVAs a decent one?

Other ideas?


Todd Bowman