I have the need for users to remote control others, for example helpning out with application problems.
I have configured a role in ZCC, just allowing to use Remove View.

They can log in to ZCC, and it works fine, they can do Remote View.
But when they login, they can see everything, bundles, policies, configuration.
Of course, they cannot change anything, its greyed out, so no danger, but they see everything.
These people are no IT-engineers, and it is just confusing for them, seeing so much.
They have problems finding the Remote Management, clicking around in all menus.

It would be easier is they just can see, for example devices an users, and just the remote things.
And in my case, I want them to do Remote View. Then they first have to chose Remote control, and there is a droplist where they can chose Remote Control/Remote View/Remote Execute, and they always chose wrong, not knowing the differents between Control and View...

For them, with just the need for remote View, ZCC is huge and complex, finding the correct things.

For example in iManager, when creating roles, they just see what they need to see.
Is this possible in ZCC? Am I missing something?

Or is there a thirdparty, or other util they can use that is more clean?
I know there were a bunch for ZFD7.

Thanks for input.