Don't understand why on the iFolder server a user account space says USED 0GB but when she runs the client or the web it says 1.2GB used.!!

She deleted her data a while ago to start a fresh. The data was deleted from the server by the user " Revert to a normal folder and then delete from the server".

But when she runs iFolder client it says 1.2GB in used and no other option to download if the client thinks there is data on the iFolder server.

Un-installed the client completely but it still thinks data attached to her account when the server says she hasn't"!"".

This is on Windows 7 using iFolder 3.9 client.

Basically on the server
Limit 5000MB
Used 0MB
Available 5000MB

On client or web
Used : 1.2GB
Available: 3.6GB

Can someone please help?