Hi All,

I would appreciate your insight and some advise on the use of the Search/Find function in the Groupwise client.

Firstly, our server is SLES 10 SP3, Groupwise backend and clients are GW8 SP2 HP2.

Some background to this query so that you understand the problem.

We have been asked to search a number of user accounts for a specific phrase, however that phrase forms part of every users signature block.

eg assume we have been asked to search for all email items with Big Brown Bear but the problem we have is all users have in their signature The Big Brown Bear

Initially, we configured the search to look specifically for Big Brown Bear and the results were fine, however they also included items that contained The Big Brown Bear.

We then modified the search to look for items containing Big Brown Bear but not The Big Brown Bear this seemed to work, but some of the returned items did not contain the phrase, just the words of the required phrase Big Brown Bear scattered in the item.

To try and work out how the Find function worked, we ran a search on Bear Big Brown which we expected to have no results. Again Groupwise found items that contained all the words of the phrase, but not combined together as the phrase Bear Big Brown.

From this, it appears that Groupwise firstly searches specifically for items with Bear Big Brown as a phrase and if it doesn't find anything, then looks for items that contain the three words. This also happened with different phrases that are commonly used here, that is the reshuffle of the word order returned items that contained all the words but not the search phrase as a single string.

I have tried using the phrase within inverted commas, but I didn't get any results, or I didn't wait long enough. I'll give this ago again.

My query, can anyone shed some light on this.