I access a Webaccess server that is in GMT+1 timezone from GMT-5 timezone and have GW set to either GMT-5 explicitly or use workstation's timezone. I did this test on Sunday Feb 26 and couple hours into Monday Feb 27 (GMT-5) - I created an appointment for Feb 26, 11:00-11:59pm from within a week view. As soon as it was created, it was not shown either in week or day views or basic interface, but could only be seen in month view or when searching for appointments. That is just an example, it was not a single occurrence, but I had several test appointments like that. Then I also had appts that were not shown even in month view, but only in search results. Regarding that Feb 26 appt, it could be made seen again in day or week views if a different timezone was chosen in options. Today, Feb 27 at the end of the day, that appointment is seen no problem in day and week views and also in basic interface, so I do not have a reliable way of reproducing the problem. Since the appt was not shown even in basic interface before, I suspect it is a server time computation/database query problem and not browser graphics rendering problem. Also, there used to be a pdf file with Webaccess API that showed how to query calendar with startDate and endDate parameters which can be done in basic interface by manually editing the address field in browser and that part is broken too - Webaccess does not show some appointments after given start date, until the start date is moved up earlier to coincide with start of the day in GMT timezone. All that used to work fine in earlier GW versions. It looks like in GW2012 some big design changes were made and some serious bugs were introduced.