I am planning an upgrade from GW 7.02 to the latest and greatest GW 2012 (single domain and PO). Can I go from 7.02 to 2012 or do I first have to upgrade to GW 8? My approach is as follows:

1. Run GWcheck on the PO. Rebuild domain database.
2. Run dbcopy with appropriate switches to change to lowercase for Linux
3. Copy the GW datastore files off of NetWare server to Windows XP PC
4. Install SLES 11 sp1 Linux on the NetWare server box
5. Install eDirectory and create new tree
6. Install Groupwise 2012 agents
7. Copy GW Datastore from Windows XP to SLES 11 server
8. Graft GW objects into tree
9. Start GW agents (mta and poa) and test po access
10. Bring down agents and then install GWIA and Webaccess

Any problems with this approach (admittedly a bit sketchy but you get the idea). Also, would it be best to delete the GWIA and Webaccess from GW 7 before doing the final backup so those objects don't get grafted back into the new tree (they will be recreated by the install process)?

Thanks for any comments!