Hello again,

I've postet some month ago that we want to migrate GW8 from Netware to Win2008R2 and asked for a good backup solution...
The only answers I get was, scripting with DBCOPY or using GWReload.

Now, with GW 2012 using GW on Netware is not possible. So we have to migrate to SLES or Win08.
Using DBCopy is absolutly ineligible... Buying GWReload is too expensive.

So, how can I automatically backup a GroupWise 2012 System on Windows without scripting, downtimes or buying expensive third party tools ?

There are no Backup Agents for GroupWise from Arcserve, Veritas and so on.

I think that Novell has to supply the customers with something that is easy to use otherwise I really dont see any options to upgrade to GW2012.

Or is there anything implemented for backup in GW2012 ?

D. Oeden