Hi guys,

We're trying to view some reports using the "Software Usage" section for the machines that are ZCM managed but the reports aren't showing anything but zeros (for avg time used, avg days used etc). It lists the applications correctly, accurately reports the number of installed instances but the application usage history is always nil. The "Usage Collection History" reports states that the last time the usage was reported was "Not monitored" which is obviously saying that it's not even keeping track of the usage.

We tried going through the configuration options under asset management but the "Enable Usage Monitoring" , or any other asset management option, is disabled. How do we get application usage to turn on?

Our environment is this:

ZENworks Configuration Management Version:
ZENworks Asset Management Version:
ZENworks EndPoint Security Management Version:
ZENworks Agent Version:

ZCM server is SLES 10. Sybase backend