I was running GW8 sp1 on SLES 10 sp3. I upgraded this morning to GW2012. After finally completing the upgrade, everything seems to be working well except my published calendars. I upgraded the calendar publishing host, and now when I click to view a calendar from the publishing host, it is blank. I get the GroupWise header with the date, etc, but the content is empty.

I have reinstalled the calendar host, stopped, started and restarted apache and tomcat on the server. I have republished calendars, and published new calendars. I turned on verbose logging in the calendar host. The log now shows this:

12:17:16, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Requesting data from POA. Userid: XXXXXXXX, Calendar: Calendar, Status: 200

It shows a similar line for all the published calendars. I double checked the settings in the calhost.cfg file, the settings for the poa are correct.

Anything else I can check?