I have one user reporting that when he accesses WA on his Windows 7 machine his inbox folder doesn't show any messages. He says he can go to any other folder and it works fine. He provided me a screen shot and it doesn't show he has a filter activated or anything simple like that. The problem happens on IE 9 or Chrome. When using WA from XP, the inbox displays OK. I thought it was maybe because this was a new user that was created after the 12 update but I can't duplicate it with another new user I created. WA logs are in verbose mode and don't show anything unusual.

Anyone else seeing this? Ideas? Not ready to call it a WA problem yet since it does seem to be limited to one user on one PC.

WA 2012 on OES 2 sp3. The problem presents itself to this user with both the shipping code of 2012 as well as build 99720 which was provided to me to fix another minor WA issue.

Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians