I've been doing a lot of scouring of the Novell forums but I can't quite seem to get a clear answer or figure out why this isn't working for me.

Firstly, I'm using the imaging process similar to what's outlined here:
Important Notice

We use a sysprepped Windows 7 base image without the Novell Client or Zenworks installed. Also, an add-on image for model specific computers that contains drivers is added and then an add-on image containing scripts. The two add-on images are made using the image explorer.

The imaging and registration process works perfectly. The problem I'm having is the deployment of an application add-on image which is created from the summary page of an application bundle.

What happens is that the add-on image fails to dump onto the workstation after the other manual-made images have finished, I then get an error 251 after all the images finish and the normal reboot occurs. The entire imaging process continues as per normal and works, but the application add-on image never worked.

I did find this which seems to relate to my problem, but still no success in getting this to work.

I'm assuming I'm getting this problem because I don't have Zenworks installed prior to when this application add-on image is applied. I tried creating the directories with another add-on bundle but still no joy.

One thing I noticed as well is that the content for the add-on images that I manually made I had to add to the second partition in order to have the content appear in the C: drive instead of the boot partition of the HDD. When I opened up the add-on image created through the Zenworks bundle, only 1 partition was present and all the content was located on it. Is this at all relevant?

The possibility of having this feature working would be a major advantage as we're a high school with 800 workstations which are constantly being reimaged, we cannot afford to have any manual user input required after the imagining process to install an application so it's ready for users. Having a 2.5GB application cached for installation would cut so much time out.

I appreciate any help.