We have iFolder 3.9 using AD for the backend user store.

With what looks to be an issue with one of our ou's passwords are not consistently working.

What is very strange is. A person uses the web based iFolder access and it works fine. Using the iFolder client it keeps saying the password is wrong. It eventually locks the active directory password. However every once in while the iFolder client works?

The same is for the url that the ifolder client is using so for example. www.somewhere.com/simias10 the login pops up. But the user cannot log in. However again if they use the web based (https://www.somewhere.com/ifolder/Lo...iFolders.aspx_) it works fine. So iFolder knows how to talk to AD.

I have other users that use it at home, or in the office and all works fine, but in different OUs. Does anyone have an idea on whats going on? It maybe a coincidence that it seams like its only a certain OU. We have only one ifolder server.

Any idea or help would be appreciated.