Hello all,

I have a GroupWise user who, when she opens any email in webaccess, is displaying the subject as

DayIDayDayfDayDay DayDayyDayDayoDayDayuDayDay'DayDayrDayDayeDayDay DayDayhDayDayeDayDayrDayDayeDayDay DayDaytDayDayoDayDaydDayDayaDayDayyDayDay.DayDay.D ayDay.DayDay.Day

(or some combination there of)

Things display just fine when she is using the desktop client, the webaccess display error happens on multiple workstations, and only with her account.

I ran a structure check (but not index) on the account and it didn't help.

GroupWise is on 8.0.2 NetWare 6.5 SP8

Any ides would be appreciated, thanks!