I have upgraded our systems from GW8 to 2012 and most things seemed ok but a noticeable problem with webaccess.
The simple and standard PC browser access works fine and displays the webaccess interface as it should but not when you try to access via an ipad.

The login screen displays fine, but once past that you can only see the Novell GroupWise dark grey header with the help icon and the pale grey headers just below for the folders/item view split screen.
It hangs displaying 'loading' until you click on the 'mail' icon on the bottom of the screen and at that point you are given the mail headers under mailbox but no item view for any selected mail.
All that is shown in this area is a small grey box stating 'undefined'...
tapping 'Calendar' doesn't display anything, the find options first screen displays but searching for anything results in a long wait and 'undefined'
The more' icon doesn't respond at all.

Webaccess is installed along with a GWIA under their own domain on an OES2/SLES10 server.

Does anyone have any tips on where to start troubleshooting this issue?
I have searched the manuals and forums for ideas, but to no avail if anyone has solved a similar problem I'd be happy to hear about it.