Hi All,

I've not had any problems with GW account renames in the past until now.

We have renamed user's NDS account, home folder...etc and the user is able to login using the new username. But when trying to load Groupwise after renaming the account the user gets the following GW error pop-up:

"A problem with your mailbox has been encounter...."

We have tried accessing the account after waiting a short time with the same error. We synchronized the GW account (right clicked=>Groupwise Utilities=>Synchronize) but that made no difference. We ran an Analyze/Fix Database with Fix Problems ticked against the user's account and the report did not find any problems.

Eventually renamed the account back to the original name and had immediate access to the mailbox.

I renamed a test account (just the Gw account, not NDS) and did not have any problem accessing the mailbox almost immediately. I then checked the log files of the PO and noticed that the renaming of the test account was listed as follows:

16:44.14 240 (.Move) Initiating: Username (5CC)
16:44:14 240 (Move.) Performing Rename To: NewUsername (5CC)

I also found the same listing when renaming the test account back to the original name, but could not find a listing for the user account that we would like to rename.

What could cause the rename operation to not proceed?
Could the mailbox size be something to consider as it is currently 5.5 GB according to C1 and the userxxx.bd file is almost 100 MB?