Hi, my first time posting here. My organization uses Zenworks 11 SP1 (ZCM and ZAM). Can ZAM be configured to capture members of the local administrators group off of the client? Our client machines are Windows XP SP3, and local administrators can be found at My Computer-Manage-Local Users and Groups-Groups-Administrators on the client.

Our client services guys know ZAM much better than I do and they have never been able to find how to do this. I'm writing a custom app that needs requires this data. We have a workaround process in place, but it's a little clunky and it would really be ideal if we had a way to just capture this directly into ZAM since the large majority of the other data I need is already coming from ZAM. Was just wondering if any Zenworks gurus out there could shed a little light. Thank you in advance for any replies.