We are testing out the new Mac ZCM 11.2 agent but havent gotten too far. In most cases I expect our Macs would run bootcamp and users (mostly students) would boot into one or the other OS throughout the day.

Configuring the Windows 7 side of things works as usual. Once we register the OSX side, it replaces the PC listed in the ZCM console, I assume because they share the same mac address and serial number. It doesnt matter if the computer name varies, it would swap back and forth between the two as each OS loads and the ZCM re-registers itself, and I'd imagine this is not a good thing.

We are using default Reconcile Settings. I would imagine these must be changed?? If so, I'd guess we have to use the Machine Name and this would cause more duplicates for other reasons like if a PC is renamed. Any suggestions?