I've several users on a GroupWise 8.0.2. system that, for some reason, when they send an email, have a "lottery winner" and/or
"pharmaceutical" type spam messages being appended to the bottom of the message. We have rebuilt the systems they are on,
and tested from multiple locations to ensure that a local virus/trojan is not the culprit. We do notice that their signature lines
are not being attached to the email, and the spam message is taking its place, but we have already reviewed their signature lines
and not found anything out of the ordinary. My gut tells me that something is wrong or is altering the signature files.

Whats interesting as well is that its only happening to a few select users, not our entire userbase, which leads me to believe
its not a server-side infection or compromise either.

We have already poured over their account rules, disabled them all, and the problem persists. We have also tried disabling/enabling
their signature lines. We have re-entered their signature lines several times, and the problem persists. Also, the problem is not
repeatable on a per-message basis... sometimes mail sends fine, other times it has the spam attached.

I have run repair on their accounts, reset all account options, and nothing has fixed this issue.

Has anyone else seen or dealt with this issue? It's driving me crazy!

- Don