I am trying to install groupwise 2012 on SLES...a new installation.

I am following the installation guide in the documentation on this site.

When configuring the groupwise domain, it asks for the domain name and domain path (I am creating new), so I give my domain name example exdom, the path (I presume that its here that the database will be build), so I give a path (Tried my own directory like neil as well as something which is given in an example as /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin, but in every case it gives me an error that the specified path does not contain domain files wpdomain.db. Please specify a valid domain path. I searched for this existence of file 'wpdomain.db' for which it complains, and its indeed not found anywhere on the server. Could I be missing something? any suggestions?

Please note that this is totally new stuff I am doing without any prior knowledge of such installations...implying a total noob