We have been using zcm for almost a year now, however we have not done much with the patching yet. We are now looking into it, and if I go to the patch management section, it shows the most recent patch is dated as December 19th 2011. If I go into the status tab, it shows number of failed downloads as 144, number of active patches is 3715, number of new patches (less than 30 days) is 65, and the latest patch released on Apr/10/2012 00:00:00. On my cache status is ,what i am assuming is, the 144 failed downloads. I get multiple errors such as "You must have valid patch subscription to use this feature. " and "Failed to download one or more packages" and "Cache request ignored. You must enable the patch before trying again. ". Earlier this week I did find that my license for patch management was expired, so I had that resolved. My patch management license now shows as Valid until 2/28/2013. Any ideas? I have tried running the update now many times, with no real change. I have also installed all of the latest server and agent patch management updates. I'm a bit stuck.