Whilst in the process of doing a migration I have a problem with SOURCE
Netware Server
SYS is corrupt as a result of a crash

now either I can fix the sys or better still I would like to continue with
my migration

I've done 2 test runs with a final successful one done at the weekend
today I ironed out 2nd GWIA and other issue {I have this installion put to
one side - but GW data is 4 days old}

What I have just done prior to this problem :

Installed a NEW OES11 Server in existing Tree
copied user data
did a final copy with agents shutdown - dbcopied the GW data

Next stage is to change settings for GW in ConsoleOne and then do a Upgrade
Can I treat the NEW OES Server as a Primary Server ??

Since Original Server & its Volumes are not accesible - can I login to new
Server and somehow change the settings?