My communications department is experiencing an issue that seems to be limited to our GroupWise 8 SP2 HP2 email system on SLES 10 SP2 OES2 SP3. What is happening is that we send out a daily newsletter to our organization's membership and a number of internal staff members also opt to receive this message. At random through the received email which contains a list of hyperlinked articles to read, anyplace there is a period, the period may get duplicated. It isn't all locations of the punctuation, and it isn't consistent for all people that are receiving the message.

For example, user 1 may receive hyperlink number 3 with a "" and user number 2 might receive hyperlink number 3 correctly but number 7 will come in "" or even at the end of a normal sentence in the message. As you can probably imagine, if the double dots appear in a URL it ends up breaking the link.

The company that we use to distribute the eblasts (after proving that it wasn't initially a typo) says that it is something to do with our email system because when an SMTP message gets wraped and those dots are the break points. The thing is that we looked at the message source and there are no break points in the source that goes along with where we are experiencing doubles.

This also only appears to be affecting HTML view of the messages, the plain text versions do not get the double dots. In addition to the HTML view, the eblast service appends a string referencing their site/servers before the URL that we are trying to send with the message.

I've never heard of what the eblast service was trying to describe as the problem, and I've tried several variations of googling what was going on and I couldn't find anything close to the issue that we are experiencing other than something to do with CSS pages. Has anyone heard of anything like this issue or have experienced this before and know of a resolution? Thanks!